This parcel of land is divided into two halves – the homesite lot in the south and the quarry in the north.
Because of Lot 3’s proximity to the quarry, the southern half is offered at $165,000 and is limited to 5 acres, subject to an easement related to the creation of the quarry.

THE QUARRY: The northern portion of this lot has been developed into the Ittatsoo Bay quarry and has already supported the fill and crush required for almost four kilometers of roads that have been constructed around Ittatsoo Bay. The quarry will expand to twice its present size to support the road and related requirements for the rest of the development.

THE HOMESITE: The southern half is well treed and will offer stunning views to the southeast, south and west of Barkley Sound, the Broken Group Islands and the Pacific with the selective clearing of view corridors.
Lot 3 already has a driveway installed and benefits from a 360 foot drilled well offering 2 gallons a minute